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Dawar Studios Scouting Services

Dawar Studios is a comprehensive Line production and Location Scout firm in Mumbai, India.

For us, Location scouting/recce is an important procedure in the pre-production phase of filmmaking. It is as crucial as casting and scripting and has a significant role to play in the production and creative procedure.


The lookout for an apt “location” or place outside the studio starts when producers, scriptwriters or directors have decided on what general type of scenery they need for the different parts of the script that is going to be shot outside the studio.


At Dawar Studios, we ensure your video’s premium background setting. But irrespective of the project’s size, we as a Location scouting/recce agency take panoramic, descriptive video or photos of feasible locations.



We are going to create photos of a feasible location that show the production’s artistic objectives and will additionally include the descriptive photos in the presentation, recording more than what will be shown on-screen.


We are going to add extra information like:

  • Panoramic photography for displaying the space present for camera lighting

  • Alternate/reverse angle

  • Directions of compass

  • Geographic coordinates

  • Ambient lighting during different times of day (and night)

  • Other data from the map as applicable

  • Pictures of staging/holding areas and parking region

  • Information on the angle of the sun at various times of the day

Area dimension data

  • Hand sketched picture of building/street layout and floor plan of the room/building

  • Information and availability of personnel required for access

  • Data on vehicle/crew, i.e., hallways, doorways, stairs, elevators

  • Whether a set needs furniture/props moved or added

  • On the day of the shooting, we create notes about ambient sound conditions

  • The Art Property/Department Master Prop/Staff Stylist is going to take pictures of the particular areas to be impacted in order to make sure that the location is given back in the actual condition when the shooting is completed.


Dawar Studios make legal access happen in shooting locations through discussions.

We have a prior database of locations to meet requests.

Dawar Studios also looks for interesting or striking locations.

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