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Welcome To Dawar Studios 

Photo studio infrastructure for photography and video production in Gurgaon / Gurugram

Affordable hourly rates for all your photography requirements 

Photography Studio on Rent in Gurgaon

Express your Creativity 
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Dawar Studios facilitates high-quality professional photography through its well-equipped studio space and equipment offerings. Our sleek and expansive photography studio in Gurgaon is an ideal location for the requirements of photographers, online businesses, management professionals, television channels, and media outlets. We revolutionise every aspect of professional photography at our photography studio in Gurgaon. You can gain access to our cutting-edge photo, video, and VFX production infrastructure and tools at quite reasonable rental rates.

Experience the Difference at our Photography Studio in Gurgaon

Our spacious and fully-equipped photography studio on rent in Gurgaon is the ideal location for all your artistic endeavours. It is a space where your creative spirit can run free. We stand ahead of our competitors by offering impeccable services and attention to detail. Experienced photography professionals from our team are always at hand to address every concern and provide on-demand guidance. Book sessions at your convenience for all your photoshoot and video shoot requirements. Our photography studio is indeed the place to be, as we are dedicated to addressing all your technical necessities with sheer expertise. 

Make your photos come alive through the use of our sophisticated lighting setup, stunning backgrounds, high-end camera lenses, and more. We are the one-stop-shop for all your advanced production requirements, as we offer you more than just space. Our photo studio on rent in Gurugram is managed by highly skilled professional-level production experts. They can assist you through every step of a photoshoot or video shoot if required. We are always open to your suggestions and can create instant custom studio space setup based on your preferences.  

Innovators of Professional  Photography

Dawar Studios in Gurgaon is a truly modern photography studio in Gurgaon with elegant interiors, specialised production equipment, and a wide range of props. Our full-service studio is a space where photographers, digital artists, and videographers can fully express their creative potentials. Turn your visions into reality with our top-notch cameras, lighting equipment, and production accessories. Expect only the highest quality of production across projects including model shoots, product shoots, video shorts, movies, VFX ventures, and more.

Image by Alexander Wang

About our Photography Studio in Gurgaon

Who We Are

​Dawar Photography Studios in Gurgaon is an awesome full service photography studio for Rent in Gurugram. We’ve been working with photographers, videographers and digital artists offering them unbeatable prices on our professional photography equipment and studio rental space. We have all the professional  photography studio equipment you need to turn concept into reality, including cutting edge lighting equipment, cameras, and so much more. Contact us today to start working with our amazing photography studio rental services in Gurgaon on your next project.

Our Offerings Include -

Photo Studio Gear 

Our photography studio on rent in Gurugram offers clients the option of renting high-end gear that brings about a greater deal of professionalism to their projects. Equipment available for rent includes everything from cameras and lenses to LED lights, strobes, adjustable lights, softboxes, umbrellas, furniture options, and basic props. 

Essential Gear
Fashion Rail
Pre-Production Facilities 

At our studio, you have access to designated spaces for fulfilling all your pre-production requirements to ensure that your shoot goes well. We rent out our space so that you feel at ease as you take care of makeup, hair, costumes, props, and custom setup requirements. 

Post-Production Facilities 

Post-production is quite essential and we have always acknowledged it. Our photo studio on rent in Gurgaon features cutting-edge editing and post-production equipment for your convenience. Production experts from our end can assist you in making your project turn out just like you want it. 

Dawar Studios can be the difference-maker for your professional photography projects. Get in touch with us to book an appointment. 

Post Production
Camera Flash Lighting Equipment
Extra Equipment Rental for Photo Studio

Many of our clients approach us with requests for help with Equipment Rental. That’s why we make sure our network of experienced professionals is always on hand to help, providing answers and support for all their Equipment Rental needs. Not quite sure what you need? Don’t worry. We’re here to ensure your shoot is a smashing success.

Farmhouse for Shoots

We own a farmhouse & are in collaboration with other farm house owners to provide various options for pre-wedding, matrimonial photography, ad and product shoots etc. Please find below images of a picturesque venue with a serene view......


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