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Background Removal Services

Consider Dawar Studios for your background removal, image masking, and clipping path outsourcing needs.

Believe that achieving background removal is a simple 1-2-3 process? Give it a shot for thousands of your product images! It's a constant requirement for every business, but there's no need to endure endless sleepless nights editing. With, you can obtain top-notch images at a budget-friendly price.

Experienced Photography Experts

In this visually driven era, our team of professionals stays current with the latest techniques and skills, ensuring that we exclusively bring aboard the most accomplished editors.

Affordability without Compromise

Exceptional background removal services need not be exorbitant. Don't settle for any editing company; opt for affordability coupled with high quality.

Consistent Excellence in Imagery

Sustain a premium brand image through a uniform visual style for each product shot. Our team can effortlessly capture the precise essence you envision for your images.

On-Demand Expertise

Our professionals stand ready to serve you whenever a project arises. Grow your business seamlessly, confident in the reliability and responsibility of our photo experts.

Swift Turnaround

In a fast-paced society, time is of the essence. No need to wait for weeks for background removal services. With Picsera, you can consistently generate high-quality images with rapidity.

Top-Notch Image Enhancement

We are committed to your business's success and take pride in our 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. We consistently go above and beyond to deliver nothing but the finest images to all our clients.

Catering to photographers, graphic designers, and time-strapped business individuals seeking hassle-free photo editing solutions! offers specialized background removal and clipping path services tailored for photographers and business experts seeking a hassle-free solution to eliminate photo backgrounds. Send us a handful or a plethora of images today, and we'll swiftly prepare them for your website, making it effortless for you.

Photography Experts for Background Removal Service Tiers
Picsera provides a range of five service levels for removing image backgrounds.

Efficient and Cost-Effective White Background Product Photography

If you seek a budget-friendly and speedy method for obtaining clean product images against a white backdrop, our automated process might be just what you're after. If you're photographing your items against a white or gray background, one item per shot, our Basic Service is tailor-made for your needs.


Introducing our Intermediate Background Removal Service

When the Basic Service aligns with your requirements but you seek the addition of shadows or the preservation of natural shadows in your images, the Intermediate service level is the perfect selection for you.

Enhanced Pathing Solution

When your products feature intricate details or involve multiple items within a single image, opting for a meticulously hand-drawn clipping path becomes essential. Clipping paths deliver exceptionally accurate product extractions and are indispensable when you aim to provide high-resolution images, enabling your customers to zoom in and appreciate even the finest nuances.


Invisible Mannequin Transformation Service

If you're capturing images with mannequins, our expertise can assist you in seamlessly eliminating the mannequins and revitalizing the garment's interior. Simply share an image of the exterior. Then, invert the item, reposition it on the mannequin, and take another photograph. Send us both images, and our skilled designers will craft a flawless composite - leaving no trace of the process behind the final result!

Mannequin Disappearing Act: Unleash the Magic of Transformation

When your photos feature mannequins, our expert service can work its magic by seamlessly removing the mannequins and rejuvenating the interior of your clothing. Just provide an image of the garment's exterior. Then, flip the item inside out, reposition it on the mannequin, and snap another shot. Send us both pictures, and our talented designers will craft a seamless composite, leaving no evidence of the transformation in the final masterpiece!


Highly Intricate Clipping Paths

When capturing images featuring multiple products or intricate items such as jewelry, and you require precise control over distinct areas within an image, our skilled designers are your dependable choice for delivering flawless pixel-perfect clipping paths or masks. We'll relieve you from the arduous and time-consuming task, allowing you to reclaim valuable time.

Pricing for Background Removal Services

Our goal is to simplify the process for photographers and business owners in search of exceptional background removal services. Let Picsera handle the background removal task for you – outsource it effortlessly.

Obtain a Personalized Quotation for Background Removal Services

Begin by requesting a customized quote to allow our team to assess your images and provide you with the most competitive rates for your project. Once we've thoroughly examined your files, we will provide you with the per-image pricing. The rates provided above serve as initial estimates based on your specific photo editing requirements. For customers with high-volume demands, we are pleased to offer special pricing, so we encourage you to engage with us to discuss your specific needs.

All our Background Removal Services come with the following features:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Live Expert Support

  • Personalized Dashboard

  • Options for Dropbox and Website Uploads

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is image background removal?

Background removal is the process of removing the background from an image. This can be done manually or using the software. Manual removal can be time-consuming, especially if there are a lot of intricate details in the background.

The software can automate the process, making it faster and more accurate. Several different software programs can do this. Some are geared towards a particular type of software. At the same time, the user can use other stand-alone programs with any image.

Software designed for a specific type or brand of image editing program usually has features that allow for more accuracy and control. Stand-alone removal tools typically have fewer options available, but they are also more convenient and less time-consuming. Once the background has been removed from an image, one can edit as usual without any additional changes being necessary.

Image background removal is a function often found in dedicated image editing software. Background erasure is sometimes carried out by vector graphics software. Still, vector image background erasure is very different from the traditional pixel-based image editing tools.

Vector graphics are made up of points and lines rather than pixels, so they have to be edited in a different way. The best programs for manual background removal are generally photo editors that can edit images quickly without requiring too much time or effort on the part of the user.

There are many reliable image removal background services, such as Picsera, that offer extensive premium background removal solutions. Contact us for all background removal services you may need.

What are the reasons for background removal services?

Background removal services offer a process to remove the background from an image. It can be used to isolate the subject of an image from its background or improve the contrast and clarity of an image. There are many different methods for removing backgrounds, but all involve some selection or masking.

There are many reasons why you should take the help of experts for photo background removal services. There are several reasons why one might want to remove the background on their product images. Here are just a few of the most common:

  • Many online selling platforms have specific regulations about the images they can upload. This includes HD images placed on white backgrounds. A business won’t be able to sell their products without adhering to the rules.

  • Background removal helps improve the file size and loading time of a page. You can easily optimize your website, ads, or email campaigns.

  • It can help put all the attention to your product. Removing the background can take away all the unnecessary elements in the image that can distract the buyer.

  • It’s easy to utilize the image across sales channels with a white background. You can repurpose the image as many times as you want for different marketing themes, too.

For whatever reason, there are many clear benefits of background image removal services. Picsera ensures that the final product looks polished and professional. Contact Piscera today and let our background removal services cater to your needs exactly the way you like it.

What are some common ways to remove a background from an image?

Nowadays, people take many photos and share them with friends and family to keep the old memories fresh. But at times, you want to remove a background from your favorite photo and add another background. This is called photo manipulation.

There are many reasons why you might need to remove background from an image. Whatever the reason, several methods for removing backgrounds can get the job done.

If you are looking for such work, you need good software tools that will help edit that image quickly and give better results.


  • To get started, you need to open your photo in the software and then select the Background Removal tool.

  • You will then see selection tools on the screen that you can use to select the part of the photo you want to keep and where you want to remove the background from the image.

  • Sometimes it is hard to select the exact part of the photo you want to keep because of its complex background. In such cases, you can use the Erase tool to erase unwanted image parts.

  • If the software cannot remove the background, you can use the Refine Edge feature of that tool, which will help you further.

  • Once you have selected the part of the photo you want to keep, you can add new background.


If you are looking for high-quality, competitive image background removal services, check out Picsera. We offer a quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service. So, you can be sure that your photos will be in good hands!


How do I remove the background without losing quality?

You have many options for easy background removal without compromising the quality of the image. There are a couple of free ones, but there are more advanced ones that you need to purchase a license for. For example, Mac users can use Preview, and Windows users can use free software tools.

There is another more popular software, such as Photoshop, which you can also use for background removal. Still, you’ll need to pay for the added features. This tool copies a selected area of an image and pastes it over another area. You can adjust the size and opacity of the cloned area to get the desired effect. Another way to remove the background is to use the layer mask feature in Photoshop. A layer mask hides or reveals parts of a layer based on the color or gradient you select. You can also use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to create a vector path around the object you want to extract. The path can then be used as a selection for removing the background.

Whichever software you opt to use, it’s pretty easy to remove the background from your product photo, as long as you follow the proper steps. However, not everyone has the skills or the time to do it. It’s still time-consuming, no matter how “simple” it may seem. Imagine doing that a hundred times each month.

Instead of downloading/buying and learning a photo editing software, why not let the experts deal with it? Picsera’s team of photo gurus are seasoned at handling volume background removal projects. We can meet your deadlines while delivering top-notch editing services.

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